Pancakes and Pajamas Party

One of Olivia's favorite foods are pancakes so we decided to throw her a Pancakes and Pajamas party for her fourth birthday.

For the first time, ever, I decided to scale back and throw a small party for Livie Girl's birthday.  We invited three of her closest friends and enjoyed a really simple, fun breakfast filled with sprinkles, bows, and lots of giggles.  Honestly, I consider this party to be one of the most successful that I have ever thrown.  Small and simple was so much more manageable and every attendee had so much fun!

Four big ones for our beautiful birthday girl!

The Invitations (1) were fashioned to look like sleep masks.  I designed the double sided invitation, had them printed at a local print shop, then attached the ribbon with brads and tied a simple bow in the front for the finishing touch.

The Tableware (2) was purchased at our local Honk's One Dollar.  I bought plain pink, green and purple plates, napkins, utensils and cups to add variety and tie in the colors from the bow garland.  The little party noise makers were also purchased at Honk's in a pack that included polka dots, stars and other darling patterns.  I used my go-to white serving dishes for the food display.

The Pajama Bottoms (3) were made out of fabric from Home Fabrics from the $1 fabric section.  It took only a yard of fabric for each pair of pajamas so they were such an inexpensive, darling favor that each girl got to take home with them.  I purchased the pattern and elastic from Walmart for around $5 bringing my total for favors at around $10.  Not bad!  *My only recommendation is to not start the sewing the night before!

The Bow Garland was made out of leftover fabric from the pajama bottoms.  It took probably about 1/4 yard of each of the fabrics and it was something that I whipped up pretty quickly (in comparison to the pajama bottoms) with my trusty glue gun!

The Menu consisted of lots of little mini pancakes with sprinkles mixed in the batter, apples, bananas and milk/juice.  It was SO simple and I couldn't believe how huge of a hit it was with all of the girls.  I think each girl consumed at least four pancakes each.  

 Emery + Olivia  |  party favors  |  eating breakfast with friends

Having so much fun with the noise makers!

Olivia's birthday guests and opening gifts

I had so much fun planning and throwing this party and we pulled it all off well under $50.  The girls had so much fun enjoying one another's company-- this is a party we'll always remember.  So glad that we could celebrate four amazing years with this special girl!
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