Olivia's First Dance Recital

If you are in need of something to make you snort-laugh today please indulge yourself in watching these little gems from Olivia's first dance recital.  

Now I have to explain something before you watch the first video.  In rehearsal, the dancers were given very stern, specific instruction that they had to stay on their assigned "X."  Olivia takes this very much to heart and you'll notice that she's quite thrown off by the fact that someone takes her "X" part-way through the dance.  Olivia proceeds to stare the girl down and practically shoot her with mind bullets for the remainder of the dance.  I guess Olivia figured that her 30 second vocal solo of "Jingle Bells" before the music started and her twirl and jump at the very end were more than enough.

I really was beaming with joy at how well she did, though.  I seriously get a lump in my throat thinking about her face when she ran off the stage and into my arms.

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