Raising Fit Kids

Teaching my children how to live a happy and healthy life is one of the greatest joys and responsibilities I have as a parent.  It's one I'm fiercely passionate about, too, because I know how much improving my physical fitness has bettered my life.  I feel like it is especially important to educate and motivate our children to stay fit in such a technological world.  My two year old can run an iPhone better than me--she likes to explore and play on it just as much as I do.  But shouldn't she be outside playing, riding her bike, and chasing the neighbor kids?  Times have certainly changed, haven't they?

There are several ways that I'm suggesting that we can promote fitness and living a healthy lifestyle in our homes.  Biggest one--it all starts with us parents.  Kids learn so much through our example.  They observe and absorb everything we do.  Now that nicer weather is just around the corner, I plan to get out and go biking with my family several times a week.  My hope is to instill in my children that engaging in physical activity is normal--not sitting in front of the TV, watching shows together every night.  We have been guilty of this.

Diet.  This definitely is my weakness and I have so much room to improve, but something as simple as throwing out all sweets in the house is a huge start!  I try to keep things very simple that I cook.  I cook with lots of fresh vegetables and lean meats.  As my husband says: "I like girl food."  But in all seriousness, I feel significantly better when my diet is in check.  I have more energy and I find that my girl's are more alert, more responsive, and happier.

It's never too early or too late to get started.  Just a few weeks ago, I taught the girls about fitness at joy school.  They had so much fun running, jumping, crawling, twirling, and rolling--I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I broke a sweat just chasing them as we ran and danced in a circle to "We are Never Getting Back Together" fives times.  *Those three year olds had me busting up at their song requests. 
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