Christmas Morning

The two things that the girls asked for this year from Santa were (Olivia) a "Christmas Dog" and (Emery) a "Blue Baby Doll."  Their faces lit up with excitement as they realized that Santa had brought them each the one gift they had asked for among many other fun gifts.  Emery was especially excited to see that Santa had found her favorite puppy dog, Sophie, that she had lost earlier in the summer.

Both girls got lap desks and an assortment of items to stay busy coloring and drawing.  Mom is hopeful that the desks along with the new baby dolls, basinets and other fun baby accessories keep them busy when we welcome our new baby sister in a few short weeks.

Liv immediately sat down to color and forgot about all of her other presents.  
Emery couldn't be more excited to be reunited with her Sophie Dog.  Best Christmas ever!

One of mom's big projects this year was making quiet books for the girls for Christmas.  Each book is hand sewn and includes cupcakes, cake, banana splits, and popsicles for the girls to decorate.  The girls were overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for the countless hours spent cutting and sewing the books. Emery made sure to show this by immediately tearing apart one of the cherries. 

They loved opening all of the presents that had clothes in them.  After two or three, Emery started handing them to me to open.  

Both Grandparents spoiled them with LOTS of cute new play kitchenware.  Olivia got a mixer and a cake stand with a darling chocolate cake that she can decorate and Emery got a cash register and enough pots and pans and cookware to cook up a dinner for 30 people.  Mom looks forward to not having to cook for the next 365 days.

We are so grateful for this Holiday season and the chance we have had to make so many beautiful memories with our little family.  A few highlights were Olivia's nightly prayers the last few weeks thanking Heavenly Father that we can celebrate Jesus' birth during Christmas, riding the train up to see Christmas lights at Temple Square, seeing "Christmas Ponies" (aka reindeer) while driving around Christmas Eve looking at lights, watching the Nativity together before bed Christmas Eve, and spending time with extended family over the weekend.  It has truly been a great way to bring 2013 to a close. 
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