Three Going on Sixteen

Dear Livie Girl:

You are the funniest, smartest, spunkiest girl I have ever met.  You astound me everyday that you can be so many amazing things at just the age of three. 

You just started preschool a few weeks ago and you keep Emery and me laughing and smiling at your stories the whole way home from school every Tuesday and Thursday.  You are so bright and eager, and definitely ready as ever to dive into the social scene.  Just today you brought a flower in your shirt pocket to give to a friend.  You told dad that you gave it to your teacher but later told me that you gave it to a cute boy.  I'm glad that we have the kind of relationship that you can tell me anything.

I still smile when I think about a few weeks ago when we helped aunt Amanda move into her Freshman apartment at BYU.  You and Nanna are best pals--nothing makes you happier than hanging out in Nanna's room laughing and having girl talk.  

You were so excited to learn about what college is all about from Amanda and even tried to claim the bed beside her as your own.  But the one thing I never want to forget was when a group of boys walked past and you declared, "I think they might be confused that I live here."  What disappointment those boys must have had when they found out that the cute little blonde with big green eyes didn't actually live in that apartment.  You are my three year old going on sixteen.  And this makes me laugh and cringe all at the same time.

But the greatest thing I want you to know from me is that I love you for who you are.  You are beautiful inside and out because you are my "Olivia Grace Girl" as you always say.  

Love you so much!


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