Moments of Reflection

a few favorite pictures from the past few weeks.  oh, how I love these girls!

It's a peaceful night and all of the girls are sleeping soundly.  Craig is at a church meeting and I find myself laying on the couch alone; window cracked, feeling a soft, late spring breeze creeping through the curtains from time to time.

So much has happened in our lives the past few months.  What a blessing it is to be able to reflect in peace tonight.  I don't think I have truly had a moment to be able to wrap my brain around how blessed I am to be where I am. 

I held my baby girl tight tonight as I watched her drift to sleep, kissing her plump cheeks right before laying her down on a bed of blankets.  I thanked The Lord, again, for the heartbreak, peace, hope and affirmation of testimony I felt those first few weeks of her life after learning of her potential diagnosis.  

We have since received the results of her genetic testing and are overjoyed and very humbled that our sweet girl is a carrier of the mutated gene--meaning she will not display any symptoms of her disorder through her life.

Kate is an incredibly special soul.  I remember gazing into her eyes just after birth and feeling such peace and joy radiate from her.  She brought me health, peace and comfort through my sickness and being with her during my recovery from surgery in the hospital gave me strength, hope, and perspective.  There were times that I didn't want to walk, eat and progress but her presence and spirit kept me going--I wanted more than anything to regain my health so that I could return home a stronger wife, mother and woman.

I have been immeasurably blessed with trials that allowed me to come to know Christ.  I have learned that through Him we can overcome our biggest fears and find strength, hope, peace and comfort in difficult times.  I have a better understanding and increased faith that there is a plan for each of us.  

Faith has given me the ability to not have fear in what the future holds for my beautiful family and me.  I know that the Lord's hands will continue to bless us with trials and triumphs that will build our character, increase our testimony of his Gospel, and mold us into the people we will become.  I am so grateful for this knowledge and know it to be true.

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