Tips for Planning the Perfect Birthday Party

Our little Emery is two years old!  This girl keeps us smiling, running nonstop and very busy with her adventurous, curious, and spunky personality.  I can't imagine life without this little stinker!  

We just finished up a whirlwind birthday weekend full of nonstop partying and I wanted to share with you Emery's friend party!
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We had so much fun planning and putting on this party for our darling Emery.  She has loved animals for a long time and I knew the theme "Party Animals" would be perfect.  These kids were a riot and we had so much fun watching them run around in their animal masks, play with balloons, stomp on bugs--and nothing was cuter than watching them sit on the front porch feeling like a million bucks in these hilarious sunnies!

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I have had a flood of people ask me about my birthday parties and I wanted to share with you some tips on throwing a fantastic toddler birthday party!

My Top Tips on Planning the Perfect Toddler Party 

Theme.  Picking a theme can be very fun, but keeping it simple and not going overboard with the theme is key.  The rule of three can be a good rule of thumb.  For instance, at Emery's Party Animals party, I mixed in a few animal print balloons with an array of other bright colored balloons, the animal masks dressed up the kraft paper lunch boxes, and the party favors were the animal glasses.  These three items were the perfect amount of "animal" without it being too much.  

Decorations.  Decorations are my favorite part but, again, keeping it simple is always a good idea.  Think less is more.  I always try to have one or two statement displays at my birthday parties.  For example, this can be a backdrop with streamers, garlands, and the food spread.  Don't go crazy with the decor and stress yourself out, mamma!  Been there.  Done that!

Simple Menu.  Those of us with toddlers know that they don't eat a lot.  And having too many options and too much food is most likely going to go to waste.  Even though a great variety can be very cute, keeping things simple and practical with toddlers is usually best.  Think outside the box and try something different.  Emery's doughnuts were a hit and easy to clean up because they were a finger food!

Keep Activities Short and Simple.  It can be very hard to get kids to cooperate, especially if you have a large group.  Most birthdays that I plan I try to incorporate favors for the kids that they can play with and enjoy during the party (ie: bubbles, hula hoops, jump ropes, etc.).  Make sure that the activities are age appropriate and be flexible if the kids decide they don't want to participate.  That happens a good majority of the time at my house.

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