Celebrating Mondays

Today was not an easy Monday.  In fact, it was really hard.  But I am so grateful to have learned a great lesson today about how much even the smallest act of kindness can brighten the worst case of "The Mondays."  

I was running behind, as usual, getting ready for the gym this morning.  The girls were screaming and hollering on the doorstep and the rain was pounding as we left the house.  My neighbor then ran out of her house and grabbed one of my girls and ran into the rain toward the car, and proceeded to buckle her in the carseat.  

When we were all buckled in and headed down the road, my eyes filled with tears of gratitude.  Someone had recognized that we were having a hard morning and dropped everything to help lighten my load.  It was a big deal. 

This small act of kindness made me realize how powerful our words, actions and example can be in bettering people's lives.  So lets all strive to reach out to one another, spread some joy in each other's lives, and take time to celebrate more Mondays!
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