5 Steps To More Confident Children

Knowing that my children are confident in who they are is very important to me.  I want them to explore and live full lives doing what they love--celebrating each day the precious gifts, talents, and passions that they possess. 

Confidence is something that I have battled with from time to time in my life--I like to blame it on working in such a cut-throat, competitive industry since I was sixteen years old.  Keeping my chin up and having faith in my vision, ideas, and work has not always been the easiest.  And through the struggle, I am continually learning so much about myself and gaining confidence and momentum in my life.

But I want my children to know and feel deeply that their individuality is something amazing.  Something that should be respected and understood.

Download the 8x10 Printable You Got This.

As parents we have such a profound impact on our children in developing confidence.  I have listed five steps that I feel will encourage building confidence.

1// Engage in lots of different activities so that they can explore their likes/strengths.

2// Recognize and celebrate their achievements.

3// Show them love and affection.

4// Encourage them to do things outside of their comfort zone.

5// Listen and respond to their questions.  Children will be more confident as they better understand the world around them.

Here's to teaching and celebrating how beautiful and special our little ones are!  xo
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