Quiet Wednesday Mornings + The Love List

Plan Toys Rainmaker // Saranoni Blanket // Plan Toy Activity Blocks
Quiet Wednesday mornings are at the top of my love list. It's just Emery, Kate and myself and we have the morning and mid afternoon all to ourselves to get some work done and play a bit before school pickup, ballet carpool and dinnertime.  The girls usually quietly read together and play as I work. The two youngest play so well together - I love that they have this special time to bond and be together until Emery goes to Kinder next year.

Mary Meyer Stuffed Animals //  Lucy Darling Primer Books // Plan Toys Activity Blocks 
Transitioning from being a freelance graphic designer to working full time in marketing has been truly one of the best decisions and transitions for our family. Working at The Baby Cubby has been an incredible blessing and opportunity, one that I enjoy each and every day! I get to draw from my greatest passions of being a mother, empowering other parents, and contributing my knowledge and talents to help educate and inform parents about products that can make parenthood easier. These products are thoughtfully curated by the Owners, Cameron and Jacque Muir and a talented team of "Cubby Moms", who spend hours researching hundreds of the most current and leading products in the baby industry just so that you don't have to! I'm in awe by their dedication to their education and their commitment to provide only the products they truly believe would make those first few years of parenthood better for your family. The Baby Cubby is a truly unique shopping experience, started by a young family with the dream of making the shopping experience one-of-a-kind, personal. I love that I get to be a small part in their journey.

Adorable Lucy Darling Primer Books
Some of our favorite products and the ones that have made our "Love List" are ones that we have purchased from The Baby Cubby. These are the products that are regularly played with on quiet Wednesday mornings just like these.

Those of you who have known me well over the past ten years know that I have a great affinity for bags! I love a good bag and finding a great bag that passes the pretty + functional test since entering motherhood can be a challenge at times.  I love that The Baby Cubby has picked up the beautiful new line MZ Wallace. This particular bag, the Jane, is the perfect diaper bag, equipped with pockets and a large compartment for everything that we may need.

MZ Wallace Jane Diaper Bag // Mixie Bottles // Calmie Teether

Another item that makes our "Love List" would definitely include Rags to Raches rompers, which are also found at The Baby Cubby. The rompers are the perfect duo of comfort and fashion - which Kate and I always look for in her clothes--the girl has such a heightened awareness of zippers, buttons, and anything that may be itchy, scratchy or the least bit uncomfortable. 

As most of you know, Emery spends most of her time twirling and cartwheeling as of late. I wrote a bit about her journey on the Cubby Community blog just last week to catch you up to speed. Because Emery spends 6-7 hours at gymnastics per week, we love that we have found the perfect leo for her that she can wear at class, around the house, and out as we run errands. The Alice and Ames leo makes the "Love List" because it passes with flying colors on the cuteness and comfort scale! The leo comes in three different colors and I'm thinking all the girls may need to add it to the wardrobe, stat!

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