Weekend Thoughts

I saw a quote yesterday while perusing Pinterest that really resonated with me.  The quote was:

"Do small things with great love."

One of my biggest faults is that I try to do too much.  I have a tendency of thinking, doing, living BIG.  The mere thought of living "Small with great love" lifts the heaviest weight off my shoulders and I am freed.  And I haven't been able to shake this from my mind.  I know my heart yearns for change.

I have always encouraged a "Less is more" approach with my design clients.  Who would have thought that this concept would be the very thing I needed to apply in the way I live my life?

I am resolving to do less with greater purpose, intent and love.  I am excited to be able to focus more on the things that are the most important and omit the rest.

So here's to a great change, friends!
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