Jar of Kindness

Today we made jars of kindness at Joy School.  Each child was given a jar to decorate with glittery stickers that they could then take home and put one ball inside for every act of kindness shown.  For every unkind act, one ball would then be taken out.

When the entire jar is filled, I told the girls that they could go pick out an outfit.  They were so jazzed about the project and have already gone out of their way to help out more and be kinder to one another.  Yay!

glass jars  //  glitter stickers  //  pompoms in assorted colors
*All items purchased at Family Dollar.  Awesome, right?!


On a personal note, I had a dear friend from high school message me on Facebook today.  It was such a simple note but it meant the world to me that she took a few moments of her day to think about me and drop me a hello.  I sure needed that tonight.  It's been a long day and night.  I'm working hard and trying to get caught up on many big projects.  Hopefully Saturday can be a relaxing day..maybe I could sleep in?  Almost there.

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