Be Still & Heal

 Last night little E wasn't feeling well, so I drew her a bath and sat down on the ground at the foot of the tub and we just relaxed and unwound from the day together.  And something amazing happened while we were sitting in the quiet, stillness together--I was reminded of how much small, tender moments like these can heal my soul and help me gain perspective.

Love is a powerful force that can heal and empower.  Often times this love is what carries me through each day and enables me to accomplish everything and live such a full life.  I felt so much love and peace in that moment with sweet girl.  I needed that tonight.

Being a designer and mother comes with many challenges--there's always a lot of juggling. Finding balance between both roles can seem impossible, most days, but I'm learning.  And striving to be better.  It's a work in progress. every. single. day.  And moments like this remind me how important it is to pause and be still.

My challenge to myself and you is to find three (yes, only three) things we can do to pause, be still and heal our lives.  Three ways that will promote happiness, relief, solace--whatever it may be that your heart is yearning for right now.  We all have some aspect of our lives that is in need of healing, don't we?

My Three:

Get outside and enjoy the warmer weather
Cook dinner every night (there's something so fulfilling, relaxing(?) about being domestic and having routine)
Laugh, play, and teach the girls more

What are your three?  Feel free to share by commenting below or sharing them on instagram and then tagging three people with the hashtag: #bestillandheal.
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